I have 2 usb camera(1,2) and want to stream for each camera. I have used driver = uvc, but when i use default port 8090 for camera1, it works fine. When i explicity stated --server-option='--port=9000' for camera2, it doesnt prompt error in terminal but when i access the video from browser, it said connection refused.

The command i used

uv4l --driver uvc --device-path 001:005 --config-file=/etc/uv4l/uv4l-uvc.conf --auto-video_nr --server-option='--port=9000'

Is it related to open port issues on Pi? Or what is the problem?


For time being, i duplicated the original uvc.conf as uvc-new.conf and edit the default port, so that for another camera, i specified the config file as uvc-new.conf, and it works out.

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