I want to build a system where roughly 100 Buttons can be pressed and start a specific command. Pricecly I want to digitalize a good old Piano, at least as good as possible. As far as google led me what Iam searching for is a button Matrix, and the Pi seems to be able to work with 128 Buttons max(?).

To save me alot of wiring or ordering an expensive custom board I was looking for something similar to this (this is for andruino) https://www.spikenzielabs.com/learn/button64.html So an off the shelf addon board that allows me to connect 128 buttons. (the one in the link only works with 64 and i guess i cant use two at the same time) also for price sake I would prefer using only one PI/Arduino. Some master/slave setup would be to complex for a beginner like me.

If there is no of the shelf solution Iam also fine with soldering a little myself or ordering a custom board. I have seen examples for 4x4 matrixes but so far none for 128 buttons, how would something like this be wired/connected to the pi?

After the hardwaree there would also be the slight Software issue. I guess I can blow up the code for a 4x4 keypad but especially since pressing several buttons at once would be a nice to have feature this might not work for me. Any nodes to good code basis or exemples would be appriciated.

Lastly (but maybe most importantly) I havent found any project online that does basically the same (Piano digitalisation) but Iam not the fist one to do it for sure, so a link to such a project would be a great help as well.

Thanks alot guys and sorry for the long text.

Greeting Georg

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    This question is of topic, but FYI a matrix will make a poor piano - only 1 key can be pressed at a time. – Milliways Apr 16 at 7:48
  • @Milliways thanks for the quick response. Why is my question off topic? depending on how complex the alternative is I would have to live with a poor piano ;) what would be a better alternative to a matrix? – G.M Apr 16 at 7:51
  • Hello, have you considered that the Pi already supports a very common and relatively cheap array of buttons with 104 or more keys and even some LEDs: the humble USB keyboard. Just sayin'. – Roger Jones Apr 16 at 8:15
  • Also worth bearing in mind that the very essence of a piano is the ability to play the notes at varying volume. Switches will only give you "on" or "off". You'll have a poor man's harpsichord at best. – Mark Smith Apr 16 at 8:19

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