My raspberry runs the follwing relevant services:

  • isc-dhcp-server
  • bind9
  • radvd

The message I get from isc-dhcp-server is this:

Unable to set resolver from resolv.conf; startup continuing but DDNS support may be affected

The issue in resolv.conf is this line:

nameserver fe80::1%eth0

If I remove the %eth0 part, which tells the raspberry on which interface the address is found, everything works as expected. But alas, it is added back when the file is regenerated.

I tried to reconfigure the package, by using sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf, but I got the message that the package is not installed.

How do I prevent resolvconf to add %eth0 to the specified address in resolv.conf? It is unneeded, the raspberry is the DNS of the network and has a forwarding address specified.

My dhcpcd.conf:

 interface eth0
 static ip_address=
 static ip6_address=fc00::1/64
 static routers=
 static domain_name_servers= fc00::1

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