I am trying to use uzbl browser in kiosk mode just like midori -a www.facebook.com -e Full screen (no title bar, no status bar, full screen). I like this browser as it provides a flexible way to control programmatically from external app through redirected stdin.

What I could do so far was:

  • set show_status=0 (hide status bar)
  • set geometry=maximized (full screen)

But how can I hide title bar? I have played with geometry variable hoping I can make a window bigger than actual screen size or adjust Y offset but had no success.


uzbl browser (as of Sep 2013) may not have fullscreen mode but found one way using openbox (version 3.5.0) configuration:

Edit '~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml' file so that its 'applications' section to have

  <application name="uzbl*">

Then openbox --reconfigure. Now uzbl browser window is shown in fullscreen mode showing no title bar, no task bar.

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