I'm not a complete beginner, nor am I a total expert. Which Linux distro will go better than Ubuntu? I want one with which I can handle complex IoT easily and also browse the net and play games and chill. It must have a fairly good and intuitive GUI and it must also include all basic tools that a regular usage windows PC has.

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    Just to make sure, we are all talking about a Raspberry Pi here? – Ghanima Apr 20 at 11:12
  • Yeah.... I posted it on the raspberry Pi site – PranavGupta53535 Apr 20 at 11:13
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    That I did notice... Nonetheless answer are addressing desktop PC too, so I wanted to make sure. It's not like that we never get any posts that are off-topic. – Ghanima Apr 20 at 12:57

You want the impossible! The Pi just didn’t have the same processing power as a PC.

IoT and Desktop have different requirements, although the Pi will do either.

The only Ubuntu currently available 16.04 isn’t supported on the 3+, 18.04 is still beta.

Raspbian is the official OS and works well using a basic window manager suitable for the CPU.

  • Alright... Forget browsing and gaming... If there a UI better than Ubuntu? With basic tools like text editor, spreadsheet editor, etc.? – PranavGupta53535 Apr 20 at 6:51
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    @PranavGupta53535 Why don't you give it a try? I have several distros on different SD Cards. – Milliways Apr 20 at 7:36

The GUI is not integral to the distro (as it is in Microsoft's Windows, and often presented). You just have to install a new one.

Therefore just install Raspbian, then choose a desktop GUI. You can also install Docker to help with services.

If you want a good fast desktop, and still have Microsoft's Windows or MacOs, on your desktop/laptop, then you can install Virtual-box, and put Debian on it.

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