I am trying to stream video from a pi to another.I have been success-full in that using gstreamer. Playing the video is another question. I can open the stream using VLC but its rather slow and the pi crashes if I try to go full-screen. I have searched a bit and found out that vlc doesn't have hardware acceleration, so I searched a little bit more but found no other way to play a tcp stream.

O found that omxplayer is the one to go but i don't know if or how i could open my stream in it.

the nearest thing i got was dumping from mplayer to omxplayer.

any help?

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As I mentioned in my answer to another question, you can use omxplayer to play both UDP and TCP streams. You mention TCP in your question, and the simplest way to do that is using a named pipe:

# on the pi side
mkfifo tcp.stream
nc -l -p 1234 > tcp.stream | omxplayer --live tcp.stream

There is also apparently a patch you can apply to omxplayer to make it to use tcp instead of udp, but that requires you rebuild omxplayer.

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