I'm experiencing slow internet with my raspbery pi 3 B+ My internet speed is 200 Mb/s

I can test it with my mac.

Basically, I try to download this 1 GB File

On Mac with both ethernet and wifi, I get around 20 MB/s with is quite OK.

On Raspberry Pi 3 B+, when connected with Wifi, I am around 8 - 10 MB/s

On Raspberry Pi 3 B+, when connected with Ethernet, I am around 2 - 3 MB/s

The cable are ok, as they are working with Mac. Anyway, I tried 2 cables just to be sure.

What could be happening ?

  • do you have any USB devices connected. – Jaromanda X Apr 25 at 22:49
  • Yes 1 hdd 2tb and 1 SSD 250 gb – Juliatzin del Toro Apr 26 at 5:53
  • and your download, are you saving it to one of these devices? – Jaromanda X Apr 26 at 5:53
  • For this test, I used microsd – Juliatzin del Toro Apr 26 at 5:55
  • can you try disconnecting all USB devices ... I believe the ethernet port on the pi "shares" bandwidth with USB (i.e. it's a USB device) – Jaromanda X Apr 26 at 5:56

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