I have Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ with 5 inches Display with touchscreen for my challenge [Display works successful!]. I am using Debian Raspberry OS. I am on the file in /home/pi/mcpi/api/python/mcpi/touchControl.py to add only up, down, left and right movement as well as the camera too to support the TFT display touchscreen. This is part of my project in my college education. I am only familiar with basic Python to build calculator, structures, and file io, but definitely not to edit with existing file like Minecraft Pi or Firefox. I hope this one I can learn more interesting case to build for a game movement controller on touchscreen.

I am currently working on Minecraft Pi which it is already installed on the system, and I brought the touchscreen display from amazon to installed on Raspberry Pi, but the hardest part when I play on Minecraft is without keyboard.

Is there a possibility that I can open the Python or create new file to add Touchscreen mode for Minecraft Pi?

For example, LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN movement should be add to the screen on Minecraft Pi where I can use my finger to move/walking/running the minecraft character. SO I AM STUCK ON HOW TO CREATE “LEFT, RIGHT, UP, OR DOWN” BUTTONS THAT ALLOWS TO USE FOR KEYBOARD WHICH IT IS WASD (W = UP, A = LEFT, S = DOWN, AND D = RIGHT). Currently, Minecraft Pi hasn't added yet because I am not familiar with Raspberry Pi Games Python. I hope this make sense.

Here is also both helpful images I am expected for after:

Before Minecraft Pi Before EXPECTED This is after I am expecting (You can see what I just added 4 buttons, in middle button is just a regular press button for maybe A or left click button (Don't have to add)).

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    your question is not related to the RPi ...... it is either a linux question or a minecraft question ...... in linux, it may be possible to have a GUI overlay that would send keystrokes to the underlying program ...... in minecraft, it may be possible to modify the HUD so that it includes the cursor buttons – jsotola Apr 28 at 0:30
  • Minecraft Pi is already built in on the RPi. – Dev Apr 28 at 4:41

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