I am almost done with my Smart mirror project but I have issue with the audio input and output. I'am using ras pi 3 onboard 3.5mm jack for audio output and usb microphone as audio in. both are working individually absolutely fine but when I record something using usb microphone I am unable to get the output on the 3.5 mm microphones. so I would really appreciate some help as soon as possible.I have a demonstration of the project within few days.

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Using Rpi's 3.5mm audio output jack for output and USB microphone for input.

When using USB microphone, unable to get output from 3.5 mm jack.

Help as soon as possible [before coming] demonstration.


Well, a quick and dirty fix to your problem before the demonstration is the following:

  1. Forget the Rpi's poor quality audio amplifier circuit through the 3.5mm jack.

  2. Use an USB sound card for BOTH audio in (microphone), and audio out (loud sepeaker).

If you are in a hurry to google which USB sound card to use, you might like to read my suggestion in the following post.

Which USB sound card to choose - tlfong01's answer to an old question

usb sound card

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