NOTE: Local connection working fine, I am trying to establish a cloud connection.

I've been following the below guides to setup a cloud connection for VNC:

They both mention at some point something to the effect of:

"On your Raspberry Pi, select Licensing from the VNC Server status menu, choose Sign in to your RealVNC account, and enter your new account email and password."

But my menu does not have this Licensing option - see the screen shot below.

 - no "Licen

From what I understand from the guides - there should be a Licensing option above Check for updates.... I've checked all through the other menus and options and cannot find any way to login.

  • Local connection is working fine - these instructions I've quoted above are about getting the Cloud Connection working. – Mnlth May 5 '19 at 23:19

I don't have the license option either. You can run vnclicensewiz to enter your license details. The the license menu appeared and the cloud option box as well. Also make sure you have Raspberry Pi Configuration Interfaces VNC set to Enable.

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  • Thanks - I ran vnclicensewiz and logged in, tried remote and still couldn't get in - but then just did a reboot of the RaspberryPi for the changes to take effect and it worked perfectly. – Mnlth May 17 '19 at 20:27
  • Your screenshot showed VNC was running in virtual mode. Virtual mode does not have a sign in option. To enable service mode, enable VNC with raspi-config and then reboot. – Botspot Nov 14 '19 at 14:19

I have had the same problem for days. Finally sorted it out. If you are connecting to the server in virtual mode i.e. IP Address:1 etc there is no licensing option. You need to connect directly ie with a display attached, VNC sever is then in service mode, then the option is available.

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