My console application handles the playback of different videos via the vlc player. As soon as the video changes, VLC exits full screen mode and switches back to full screen mode when the new video is loaded. This causes a short "flicker".

To prevent this behavior I want to force a blackscreen in this time. I tried to use tvservice --off and tvservice --preferred to toggle the blackscreen but this also cause a short "flicker".

Then I tried to use vcgencmd display_power to turn the screen on / off which is better than the tvservice but also cause a short "flicker".

Is there another way? I dont't need to turn the screen off. Just make it black to hide the vlc player when the video switch. Maybe set the brightness to 0? I only found a good solution for the official 7' touchscreen. There you can use rpi_backlight which would be a perfect solution for my problem but I have a different screen.


Find out how to change backlight brightness on your screen, then set it to zero. If there's no way, get a screen which supports brightness setting.

Alternatively, prepare a single video file with seamless transitions. Or make a playlist. Or a video stream. Then VLC will never have to quit fullscreen mode.

Alternatively, write your own app which would sit in on the screen displaying a black background, and spawn VLC (or a different media player) to play videos.

Or, write your own player. There are very simple video players like ffplay which are easy to start with.

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