Few years ago there was a bunch of posts about choppy video performance with Windows 10 IOT and UWP apps. This being that Microsoft was working on getting directx or hardware acceleration working with RPI Is this still an issue and is Microsoft still working on it ? I thank you in advance.



  1. Few years ago choppy video with Windows 10 IOT and UWP

  2. Is this still an issue?

  3. Is Microsoft still working on it?


Well, no longer an issue, because though UWP is not yet dead, nobody is interested, and I heard rumour today that MS is closing UWP/Store. See first reference below.


Microsoft wants to close the UWP, Win32 divide with 'Windows Apps'

Is Microsoft's UWP going away? Is the Microsoft Store on its way out? Microsoft Corporate VP Kevin Gallo explains the latest twists in Microsoft's long and winding Windows developer platform strategy.

I Ran Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi So You Don't Have To - Avram Piltch 2019feb15

Yes, you can get an official build of Windows 10 IoT for Pi, but that OS is “Windows” in name only; it’s only meant for prototyping, not running real desktop apps.

And, with a lot of patience and elbow grease, you can run full Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi, but unless you’re just curious, the painful setup is not worth your time, because the payoff is an OS you can’t really use.

User Experience

Finally, after following this set of instructions from a user named gjsman, I was able to get Windows 10 Professional Build 17134 running, using an Ethernet connection in my office (there’s still no driver for the built-in Wi-Fi). But using it is like watching a slow-mo video, as every single movement in the UI takes an eternity.

Why Windows 10 is So Slow on Raspberry Pi



Getting Windows 10 to run on the Raspberry Pi when it’s not supposed to is a fun challenge. But unless you really enjoy hacking things, this process is not worth your time.

  • Thank you for your response and information however it didn't address any of the questions i had. – Davef May 13 at 17:27
  • You are welcome. I am sorry that perhaps my second language is not good enough to understand the question. Perhaps I should try again later. – tlfong01 May 14 at 1:41

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