I am installing Raspberry Pi Desktop onto a VM in Parallels. Everytime it boots up (I do select "Run with Persistance" at the start) it launches the first-time boot wizard ("Before you start using it, there are a few things to set up."). I select the options, it runs a while and seems to succeed except it will always have one error Error while installing packages - unable to make backup link of "some file.svg" before installing the new version. The file it can't back varies I think, this last time it was ./user/share/icons/gnome/scalable/apps/libreoffice-math.svg. Anyhow after it completes and the machine restarts (and I again select "Run with Persistance in the bios startup menu) it repeats the whole process again.

Any idea how to have it finish and not run the first-boot experience again?

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I have seen messages like unable to make backup link of "some file.svg" when trying to install software on a fat formated partition. fat does not support links so this message will come up every time something tries to set a link. May it be possible that you try to use a fat partition in any way? I have never used Raspberry Pi Desktop but as written there it is based on Debian Stretch and that cannot run on a fat partition. It needs an ext4 formated partition.

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It turns out the problem I had was the bootup option I choose. The correct option would have been to choose "Graphical Installer" (there are two install options, probably either, but I went with the graphical one).

The "Run with Persistance" option was just running the OS from the CD.


I finally got this to work -- many tries Installed VM with hyper-v using tutorial on https://www.avoiderrors.com/how-to-install-raspbian-os-on-hyper-v/

when the RPi image boots it will loop in the install unless you select skip updates. If you don't, you will get another chance soon

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