tl;dr I need a case that can mount a zero, a heat sink, a camera and a fan

I have a zero with a camera and I have yet to see it run more than 72 hours, almost never 24. The chip runs very hot and I think it is over heating (or I have a bad board) I added a heat sink and that improved matters, but did not fix them. I would like a case that lets me mount a Zero, a camera and a fan. Does such a case exist?

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  • what exactly are you asking? .... is your question about a case or is it about overheating? .... as far as cases go, you could use any material ranging from cardboard to wood to metal and plastic ..... you are asking for a recommendation without specifying any parameters – jsotola May 16 at 2:44
  • I thought I was clear. I want a case. Sure I could make one from cardboard (I have done that) but I want a robust case that I can buy in quantities more than one, and I listed my requirements. – Worik May 16 at 2:55
  • have you considered prototyping one using Lego? ... if successful, you could have final product 3D printed – jsotola May 16 at 3:13
  • I think you need to fix your crashing issue before finding a case. What software are you running? What is the CPU usage? – CoderMike May 16 at 7:12

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