My Raspberry Pi has following issue: It doesnt make any video output after booting if shut down by command

sudo shutdown -h now

or by taking the plug out. However, if I send via SSH or by blindly typing with keyboard

sudo reboot

the issue seems to be gone after restarting the device. Is this a known issue? What might be the cause?

  • shutdown is managed by systemd. Try to use systemd direct with sudo systemctl poweroff. – Ingo May 16 at 13:56
  • @Ingo nope, this one didn't work – hypixus May 16 at 15:33

For other people looking for this issue - solution in my case was hidden in video configuration file. When using the HDMI to VGA converter boot configuration file (/boot/config.txt) must contain proper entry of hdmi_group and hdmi_mode in order to work with every startup.

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