I am using a raspberry pi zero with soldered header with waveshare gprs/gps hat

I have the hat set to B jumper posistion for interfacing with pi zero.

I wish to achieve a PPP? Mobile internet connection i have checked and believe my SIM provider to support 2G (EE)

Also get GPS information.

I have enabled serial communication via raspi-config and disabled console login.

I can communicate with the device using minicom -D /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/serial0 and send and recieve SMS messages using grps AT commands.

I can also recieve GPS information using AT commands.

But that is as far as i can get as i believe minicom sets the correct baud rate itself.

Using programs such as gpsmon and cgprs -s results in a timeout and i cannot get GPS data.

I am interfacing headless with the raspberry pi via ssh and have setup a working Wifi connection.

I have searched endless documentation but can't find anything specific that i need to get this working.

Would PPP matter to get GPS information from gpsmon? I figured no as i have the GPS reciever attached to the hat as well as the GRPS reciever.

Lost at what to try next.

Thank You.

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