I have recently updated the software on my Pi, using SSH, and when it was done, I restarted it. I closed the PuTTY window and opened it up again, and clicked on the preset for my Pi. When it loaded, to my horror, it gave me an error: "Network Error: Permission Denied." The title of the window was, "PuTTY Fatal Error."

No big deal. Maybe the update somehow wiped out my SSH configurations that I just enabled via the raspi-config utility. (I set up a static IP using my router's settings page.) I then connected it to my TV, and enabled SSH again. When I plug it back to ethernet again, it gives me the same error.

I've seen this question: SSH "connection refused" on Raspberry pi - cannot find why, but it doesn't really help me, especially because I'm not using the terminal, nor do I think that the SSH port should change. It seems to me by the error that somehow my router blocked something.

Since my TV is far away from my router, I can't find out if it's booting correctly. It's easy to do everything I want with SSH, that is except configuring SSH, most of which you can do without internet. :P

Why isn't this working? Do I have to change a setting? Is the OS not loading correctly? It boots fine without an internet connection. (Model B, R3)

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Check your firewall to make sure SSH is not being blocked.
If SSH was not working on the Pi, you'd get a time out error.

  • I updated the Pi, not anything else. Unless the Pi is behaving dramatically different while doing SSH, but that seems highly illogical. Oct 1, 2013 at 22:00
  • No automatic updates got applied ? If you run a lsof -i | grep ssh on the Pi, that will tell you whether ssh is accessible. Do you have any other devices that you can use to check ssh connectivity ? Android Phone ?
    – Lawrence
    Oct 2, 2013 at 2:02

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