I'm using a raspberry pi model 1B with a dongle and I can't connect it to wifi. It was working (mostly) a few weeks ago, but now the wifi doesn't work at all. The log shows something about the ifup service not starting up, so I assume that is the problem. the full log is here: pastebin log Should I just re-flash Raspbian? I don't want to do that because I would have to set it up headless.

I've checked that the wpa_supplicant configuration is correct, and I haven't changed any settings since it was working.

  • What operating system do you use? With Raspbian Stretch ifupdown isn't used anymore. – Ingo May 22 '19 at 0:12
  • Raspbian version 9 – The Bic Pen May 22 '19 at 0:42

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