NOTE: I have found similar issues as what I describe below (namely this), but none of them apply to my issue.

I have an RPi0W connected to wifi, running headless, and connected to a Firebase database, to which it is sending a continuous stream of data. After a fresh reboot, I can SSH into the device without issue.

After a few days (don't have exact timeframe yet), the device isn't visible on my wifi network anymore, and I can no longer SSH in. The device still has an internet connection, however, because I can see it writing to the database in real-time.

I'm using NetworkManager to manage my wifi connection, via the wifi-connect library from Balena.

I have already tried disabling wifi power save mode, based on this information.

Are there any system-level settings that could be letting the device "fall off" of the network?

Please let me know what additional information could be useful for debugging.

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