I have two "Raspberry Pi 3 B+" boards which are required to be connected. One Raspberry Pi is configured as Access Point (AP) and the other one is just a Client. When both are connected, I write the command "iwconfig" on the Client side which shows the specifications of the network with which the Client is connected to(AP). In the specs i see "Bit Rate = 72.2 mbps" which varies after sometimes. Sometimes it shows 65 mbps sometimes 48 mbps and then again 72.2 mbps. How can i make this Bit Rate constant? I have tried changing the modes of AP from its hostapd.conf file. I have tried







But nothing has changed, the Client is still showing Bit Rate = 72.2 mbps which varies after sometimes.How can i make this Bit Rate constant? Please help me in this regards. I will be very thankful.

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    The Bit Rate that a wireless connection obtains depends on many factors. This web page has a wealth of information on this subject. It would be helpful if you could post all of the data output by the iwconfig command each time you run it. From that we might see that you have a lower signal strength when you see a lower bit rate. Or possibly higher noise. – HeatfanJohn May 21 '19 at 22:12

This is not Raspberry Pi specific, so I don't understand why this question was migrated.

All WLAN hardware will negotiate the optimal bitrate between an AP and a client based on signal strength, error rate and other factors.

While you can configure the possible bit rates to some degree, there's no way to keep it "constant", and keeping it "constant" won't improve your reception - if you artificially push the bit rate too high, the error rate will also increase, so the actual throughput will be lower.

So: hands off, the manufacturers of WLAN devices spend time optimizing this feedback loop; there's no reason to mess with it.


To configure the possible bit rates for the AP, edit the hostapd.conf file. From the file supplied as example in the hostapd documentation:

# Rate configuration
# Default is to enable all rates supported by the hardware. This configuration
# item allows this list be filtered so that only the listed rates will be left
# in the list. If the list is empty, all rates are used. This list can have
# entries that are not in the list of rates the hardware supports (such entries
# are ignored). The entries in this list are in 100 kbps, i.e., 11 Mbps = 110.
# If this item is present, at least one rate have to be matching with the rates
# hardware supports.
# default: use the most common supported rate setting for the selected
# hw_mode (i.e., this line can be removed from configuration file in most
# cases)
#supported_rates=10 20 55 110 60 90 120 180 240 360 480 540
  • Thank you for your response. By making the Bit Rate constant means to make it limited to some extent for example, i want to limit the Bit Rate to 11 mbps maximum or to 54 mbps maximum. Can i do it? Just don't want to have the Bit Rate too high. – Soban Ahmed May 22 '19 at 19:36

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