I want to connect the MT9M001 camera module directly to RPi. The camera (chip itself) has a 10 bit parallel interface. Is it possible to connect such cameras to RPi without additional chips?

  • I skimmed the spec and found that you need a cam shield, either for Atduino or Rpi. – tlfong01 May 24 '19 at 14:41

I assume you want to connect the data bits and strobe to the GPIO and read in a 10 bit value at each strobe.

If the Pi controls the strobe you might be able to take a million or so 10-bit readings per second. I'm afraid there would be no time to process that data though. Assuming the data had to be processed in software I'd guess a maximum of a few thousand 10-bit readings per second.

If the camera controls the strobe I would estimate you have zero chance of using the device on the Pi.

  • I will take a look if it is acceptable to generate a pixel clock programmatically (and it means irregular), it will work like a strobe signal. – Simon Achmüller May 25 '19 at 18:39

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