I have a python code which works well in raspberry on boot. I need to hide the code and make the user to non editable. The program have a kivy ingerface and the program starts on start up. Even though the code can be copied by using partitionguru or by other means.Is there any way to protect my code?

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    I am not aware of any method of copy protecting Python code. This is not a Pi specific question. – joan May 24 at 17:04
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    Python can be compiled to byte code, which would largely (but not completely) address your issue. I agree that this is not Pi-specific. You will probably find answers else where. Here's something tangentially related: stackoverflow.com/questions/471191/why-compile-python-code – Brick May 24 at 18:18
  • Do you need to make it not editable, or not copyable, or both? The question seems to lump them both together. – Mark Smith May 25 at 3:48

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