I'm struggling to get the Switch-LAN-Play client to run whenever I plug in my RasPi.

I've followed this gbatemp.net tutorial here, and I've come as far as only having one line of code I need to insert, this one:

1 | sudo switch-lan-play/build/./src/lan-play --relay-server-addr switch.lan-play.com:11451

I tried adding this line to rc.local and to .bashrc, with the first one not working and the second one only starting whenever I log in via SSH (I recently learned that's when .bashrc is supposed to run anyway).

The "1" is the input when prompted to put in the number of my interface (which is always "1", for WIFI).

Maybe this will work better with the init.d method? But I have no idea how to write a script for this.

Hope you guys can help a fool like me!

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