Total noob here. My college senior project team is building a robot that runs off Raspberry Pi. We're using an IR remote to control its movements. I've been learning to use the Pi as I go, and I've been struggling. Took me three days to finally get irw to register keypresses from the remote. Irrecord was recording two sets of code like this:

KEY_1                            0x00FF6897 0x7E867B4C
Key_2                            0x00FF9867 0x7E867B4C

and so on. Finally figured out from extensive google fu that the second code (0x7E867B4C in this case) was preventing irw from registering keypresses, and that deleting that portion from each key made it work. The problem I'm having now is this: when I press keys, sometimes (not always) the key press will start running away. It starts entering the lowercase letter or symbol associated with they key name of the button I pressed, so if I press KEY_A, it will read on the screen as:

0000000000f700ff 00 KEY_A ROBOT2

This continues until I hit enter on the keyboard. What is causing this, and what can I do to prevent it?

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