I wanted to reinstall python but totally forgot that raspi uses python so I broke it... I restarted it ´cause nothing was running/it was frozen. I got a login screen which I never got before and couldn´t log in the password was correct but it just was stuck in a loop. I can enter the screen terminal thing with "ctrl-alt-F1-6" I have some programming stuff I wasn´t able to save so is it possible to recover it?

EDIT: I also tried it with a USB flash drive but wasn't able to get the stuff it's one folder in /home/pi named HTML


You can mount the SD Card on a Linux machine (which can be a Pi) and read the data.

  • Hmm i dont have any Linux machines but Ehen i try like open it with my phone it shows stuff like .dat files – Fabian Jun 6 at 7:48
  • You have a Pi. Just install Raspbian on a new SD Card. – Milliways Jun 6 at 7:50
  • What data to read? I think the OP has to deinstall/install/repair things. He could try to chroot intto the installation. – Ingo Jun 6 at 9:32
  • @Fabian You can also use a Live CD from Debian, Ubuntu or so to boot into a Linux system. – Ingo Jun 6 at 9:33
  • Im not that familiae with Linux so when i reinstall raspbian again how am I able to recover my data how do i Mount it cause the pi only has one sdcard slot right? – Fabian Jun 6 at 12:17

So I'm not sure how I did it. I'd tried all of the answers but then suddenly found the folder in the USB flash drive without ever moving it there because I never found it somewhere else, I don't know. Programming is magic but thanks for all the help.

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    What's about your keyboard? You should use a new one. – Ingo Jun 7 at 11:32

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