I bought one from the Pi Hut (with a GB layout).

I made the mistake of changing keyboard layout to generic 105 keys and now nothing at all happens when I type. Nor does the mouse, which is plugged into it, move now (strange).

I repeated with another copy of Noobs on a new SD card, selecting Raspbian with desktop, and got the same result.

I could just reinstall the o/s and not change the keyboard layout, but I think that the real solution ought to be documented somewhere, and I can't find it by Googling.

And, can I set it by command line? Or by editting some config files? raspi-config is not my friend; it doesn't display the keyboard selection menu, just returns to where it was previously.


To modify the keyboard layout on the command line you can edit /etc/default/keyboard. I don't know what this file should contain for the official Raspberry Pi keyboard (GB). But the unmodified settings from an Raspbian image looks like this:

rpi ~$ cat /etc/default/keyboard

# Consult the keyboard(5) manual page.



I suppose this supports the official keyboard. If you look at man keyboard, you will find:

Description of all available keyboard models, layouts, variants and options is available in /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/xorg.lst. In most cases, in /usr/share/keymaps/ or /usr/share/syscons/keymaps/ you will find several keymaps that can be used with the variable KMAP.

  • Thanks for that. I will test it this evening. Fortunately, I can still ssh in. – Mawg Jun 10 at 13:58

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