I need to build native qt v5 and install it on my raspberry pi zero, connected via USB OTG connection to my Linux PC shown below: image based of these instructions:




According to this site It said:

overclocked mine at 900 MHz and it took 38 hours to compile

needed for qt native building in raspberry. so it's taking too mush time to be installed. Also I have an LCD connected to my pi zero.

  1. Can I use my pi zero LCD to see the terminal output?

  2. Do I need to be connected to the internet for the make and make install parts of the qt installation?

  3. Can i see the ssh terminal output into my LCD connected to pi ?


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    The somewhat esoteric formatting and phrasing of this post makes it hard to follow and understand what the questions are. Could you please edit it and make it a little clearer? – Mark Smith Jun 12 at 19:37

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