I am about to build a photobooth with my Canon DSLR and a RasPi.

Now when I plug the USB of the camera, raspbian will automatically mount it and prevent my command line scripts from using it (device busy).

Any idea on how to prevent this?

Thanks and best, pixelbash

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    It's the DE (desktop environment) that does automounting, you should go through the settings for that (more specifically perhaps the pcmanfm file browser if the DE formerly known as PIXEL still uses that) -- although adding it to /etc/fstab with noauto may work to overrule it: superuser.com/q/563467/257378 But you will need a UUID for the device; using the /dev node will not be reliable (since this assignment is arbitrary). blkid can provide this if it is available. – goldilocks Jun 15 at 11:31

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