I have made a facial detection app using Python on RaspberryPi. The code is working fine and writing the name of the detected person on the camera's screen but what I want to do is to display the names of all the people on an LCD. How to do that?

I am using the variable in which OpenCV stores the name of detected people but it overwrites the name only instead of starting a new line to write the name of the other person. As a result i am getting just one line output which changes real time but not multiple lines having names of individual persons.

  • Have you Googled how to connect an LCD screen to the Pi? What did you find? – Mark Smith Jun 17 at 7:05
  • 1
    It is very difficult to help you without having your code that takes care of writing the name of the person. Put at least the part of the code that allows you to write the names of people. 1) Create a global var : DETECTED=[] 2) on detection : DETECTED.append("personA") 3) var is now filled ... DETECTED=[ "personA", "personB", "personC" ], iterate the array : for person in DETECTED : print(person) or insert into a cv2 widget in place to print. – Ephemeral Jun 17 at 7:22
  • Thanks it has worked – Mariha Asif Jun 17 at 12:49

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