I am trying to run some tests about network on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+, and I have raspbian on it. I installed flent via apt install flent, and I ensured that non-free repository is enabled. I still can't run the netperf command. Does anybody know how to get the netperf command or how to create netserver on Raspberry Pi?


As you have noticed packages for netperf and flent are missing from Raspbian package repositories. But good news is that it is really easy to get netperf and flent running on Raspberry Pi by manually compiling netperf and installing flent via pip Python package manager.

So just follow these steps:

sudo apt install autotools-dev automake
git clone https://github.com/HewlettPackard/netperf.git
cd netperf
./configure --enable-demo
sudo make install
sudo pip install flent
sudo pip install matplotlib

I have tested these steps on fresh new Raspbian image.

  • Only strange thing is that flent is not seeing matplotlib, any ideas why? ERROR: Unable to plot -- matplotlib is missing! Please install it if you want plots. – valentt Sep 4 at 20:37

The Raspbian project does not build nonfree packages. Some nonfree packages are available, but they're just the cross-platform ones imported from upstream Debian.

If you need to install it you'll have to build it from source.

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