I need to use VNC Client on Raspberry PI Zero. It doesn't have network interfaces, so I probably need to connect Raspberry via mini-usb to my Android phone. How to configure such network (via USB)? Which VNC client USE? Is there KMS VNC client?

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As far as I know the mini-usb is only for powering the pi. So connect a network device to the 'big' usb. Depending on your smartphone it might off a network link over usb to ur pi-zero. However I would recommend to connect a USB WiFi or ethernet adapter to your Pi-zero.


  • Thanks. I have PI zero and I connected usb On The Go to port marked as USB and keyboard works. – nintyfan Jun 19 '19 at 18:36

With the Raspberry Pi Zero (W) you can use OTG gadget mode. In this mode you are able to emulate a mini USB connection as ethernet interface so you can use it as regular network connection that also is usable by VNC. How to setup gadget mode look at Raspberry Pi Zero OTG Mode.

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