I want to use the official Raspberry Pi Camera on my Pi which is running the current Build of Windows 10 IoT Core.

I figured out that this will not to work using the UWP stack.

Is it nevertheless, it was often stated, that this feature will come to upcoming Windows 10 IoT Core builds.

My question: Is it in mid 2019 possible to access the Raspberry Pi camera using the flat cable connector?

If not, is there any recommendations for an USB-based webcam in the form factor of the Raspberry Pi camera?

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    Is my understanding the main problem was the lack of open source drivers, and the unwillingness of Broadcom to release propietary drivers for windows IoT. Now that there are open source drivers for the CSI and DSI ports, it should be possible to port them to windows, if someone with the technical knowledge steps up to the task. – Stormbolter Jun 26 '19 at 16:21

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