I managed to simulate a Cluster HAT like environment with a Linux machine.

I launched rpiboot with the modified config.txt, cmdline.txt and initramfs (which is missing from the original setup but is required for this setup).

So using the following guide I managed to add the g_ether module to the initramfs and configure NFS as my root device.

Everything works great with Linux.

When it comes to Home Edition of Windows 10 I cannot establish an NFS server which serves the root file system due to lack of permissions (everything is 777 which causes a kernel panic).

So I have several options as far as I'm concerned (I cannot upgrade to Windows Enterprise or Server):

  1. Run A Virtual Machine with NFS.
  2. Upgrade to WSL2 and run NFS as an internal Linux machine (Doesn't work with WSL1).
  3. (Unlikely) Load a SquashFS through NFS and run the OS.

Do you guys have any other suggestion?

So far I've joined the insider program by Microsoft to get the latest update to WSL2 (As part of 18922.1000 update, WSL2 was introduced in 18917) but as I would expect the update is stuck and it's a known issue and now there's nothing I can do (I already tried removing the cache and changing the update plan - Fast or Slow, and then running again, didn't work).

Thank you all :)

  • So far I managed to do some workaround by routing the NFS traffic to a Linux server and it works but it's not what I expected. – Yaron Jun 24 '19 at 14:33

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