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Canonical means of translating pin identifiers in Python?

[Python, at least for now.] Is there a standard way to translate between the various naming formats for RPi GPIO pins? I.e., given a pin identifier in one of these forms: "BOARDn", "...
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Is this an effective way to test GPIO 15?

I'm working with a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W running Linux raspberrypi 5.15.61-v7+. Is this a reliable way to establish that I have a non functional GPIO 15? First, I establish that my test mechanism ...
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GPIO pin confusion

So far, my ignorance was bliss. I was able to control the GPIO pins and for many years, the world made sense to me But then I saw this: And wires got crossed in my brain Why does it say that GPIO7 is ...
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Raspberry 4 Java Pi4J GPIO Input not changing state

I am trying to use my Raspberry Pi 4's GPIOs to turn on various thing in my smart home. I am getting 2.6V on the GPIO Input, thus resulting in a HIGH signal. I have confirmed this with a basic python ...
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How can I read the current ALT-Mode of a GPIO PIN?

i have a Hyperpixel 4.0 Touchscreen, which i use one my Raspberry PI 3b+ This Touchscreen is attached directly on the 40 GPIO-Pins and a few Pins have some special Alt-modes. Out of personal Interest, ...
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How do I diagnose GPIO issues?

I was soldering LEDs in an extended line the other day when I accidentally forgot to shut my Raspberry Pi 4 off. I continued to solder and soon enough shorted my Pi out. It rebooted quickly and all ...
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Micro Switch implementation in Raspberry pi

I am a beginner using a raspberry pi 1 model A+ to create a production counter that would count the material as it would hit the switch and that would be counted as 1. The issue I am having is that I ...
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wiringpi is missing from bullseye. how do i install it?

I get the following when trying to install wiring pi on a fresh bullseye image. Anyone have any way to get it installed? $ sudo apt-get install wiringpi Reading package lists... Done Building ...
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Raspberry Pi 4 GPIOs are constantly on, even after restarting and cleaning up GPIOs

So, I got a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, and I'm trying to make a project using relay boards. Turns out, when I turn on my Pi, one of the pins is already active and the indicator turned on partially. I ...
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What is the correct way to access GPIO on RPi?

I have a brand new Compute Module 4 with Raspberry Pi OS installed. The system is up-to-date, but I cannot read GPIOs or change their state. $ gpio -v gpio version: 2.52 Copyright (c) 2012-2018 Gordon ...
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Why the GPIO light gets switched ON but not SCL1

I am trying to make this circuit I have only attached two pins. By default shouldn't both pins be ON? Why only GPIO 17 is ON (shows light)? I notice that once I connect all the wires, the GPIO ...
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Using WiringPi with more than two chip selects and MCP3008

I am trying to get more than two chip selects available on the Pi. I have the devices present, but am struggling to read a MCP3008 when the CS is plugged into the additional GPIO pins. My end goal is ...
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WiringPi INPUT causes voltage below nominal 3.3v on pin with pull-up

Libs: wiringPi Hardware: Pull-up resistor (10k) to 3.3v on GPIO 24 (=THERMO_BUTTON_PIN) floating GPIO 4 (=AUDIO_BUTTON_PIN) In short, I want to implement an auto-recognition for one of two ...
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GPIO pins remain low

Im using the command line to set the mode and value of my pins. When I use, gpio allreadall I can see that all my pins are set to LOW and INPUT-mode gpio -g mode 17 out Sets the pin to OUTPUTm but ...
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What "wiring" pin numbers on Pi Zero pinout diagram mean

On the below diagram I understand what position (on the board), GPIO (abstract Pi GPIO numbers) and BCM (SoC pin numbers) pin numbers mean, but what's the meaning of the "wiring"?
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