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Running RPi 3B without a fan or radiator [duplicate]

I am using my RPi 3B purely for feeding data Flightradar24 (with Pi24 installed instead of pure Raspbian). I assume that usage of electronics and overall load of the device is rather low. My ...
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SOC temperature max for Pi 2 (Model B) and Pi 3 [duplicate]

I'm putting a Pi in my attic which has, on hot days, an ambient temperature of 45-55C. A) Will the Pi operate correctly in these temperatures? B) Will I need a heatsink? I've read the Pi 3 will ...
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Raspberry Pi tolerance towards high temperature [duplicate]

Can we use Raspberry-Pi 3 model B in a temperature range of 33-38°C for long duration? If yes for how long can this be done? We need it to work for 21 days continuosly and after this the cycle repeats ...
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Ping a website and have an output turn on if online/offline?

I am new to python and programming the Pi, my aim is to make it ping a server such as a gaming server or website and tell me if it is online or offline. So far I have looked everywhere but nobody ...
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Raspberry pi for extreme outside using

I want to use raspberry pi for a vehicle park project. The Raspberry will stay in a metal box and it will never power off. The metal box is waterproof but its in middle of a empty area so it will get ...
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How does a Raspberry Pi deal with high temperature?

Is there a overheating protection circuit integrated into the Raspberry Pi like in desktop processors from Intel or AMD? When I did research about this question I just found vendor specification about ...
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Using the Raspberry Pi Cam at 110 degrees Celsius

A CCD camera is required to be placed in a hot environment of up to 120 deg Celsius. I am thinking of using the Raspberry Pi Camera Module which I already have. However I am unable to find any specs ...
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How Hot Is Too Hot?

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. I installed Ubuntu MATE but decided to go back to Raspbian as Ubuntu MATE was very slow. But during the short lived time I had with Ubuntu MATE, the processor's ...
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Does a cool Raspberry Pi 3 run more efficiently?

I think this is a slightly different question related to hardware temperatures. I am curious about the drop in temperature after adding a fan and the impact of temperature on processor efficiency. I ...
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Enclosing the Raspberry Pi in a Plushie

As I've seen previous projects with the Raspberry Pi being enclosed in stuffed animals and plushies. I've wanted to attempt a project in a similar environment. Will there be a problem with overheating ...
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Pi3 Model B reaching 100+ degree Celsius immediately after boot

Have a Pi3 Model B, was playing around with GPIO and trying to integrate a PIRO sensor (IR). Must have done something wrong with the circuit as now the Pi immediately reaches 100+ degree Celsius ...
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Housing and temperature

I'm creating a cute wooden box for my pi as XBMC + webServer. As I want the system to stop using energy when switched off I included the 5v 1a transformer in the case, and put the switch between the ...
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