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can I use two 4 TB disk powered by USB on RPI-4? No external power supply [duplicate]

I use 1 usb powered 4 TB disk sda without issues on RPI-4. Now I added a second usb powered 4 TB disk sdb and receive lots of errors (from both devices): # lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE ...
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Can Rpi4B power external / portable USB HDD / SSD?

I was not able to power an external HD directly from a Raspberry pi 3 (the HD was constantly complaining about a lack of power). Would a Raspberry Pi 4 be able to power a portable hard drive (using ...
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RPI4 won't boot with powered USB hub

I have an RPI4 running a Plex server, Pihole, etc etc. Power kept dropping while running certain tasks involving the attached HDD, so I started using a powered USB3 hub - problem solved. But now the ...
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External drive /dev/sdX label changes

Two external hard drives (USB powered) are initially connected to a Raspberry Pi 4B via the two USB 3.0 ports and they have the following block ids: /dev/sda, /dev/sdb. I used mdadm to create a RADI0 ...
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Powering using 5V rail fails

I have reviewed a lot about powering the PI using the 5V pins on the expansion connector but I have not seen the solution to this problem. Here are some of the tests I ran: (Setup: Nothing plugged in ...
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Rsync and copy errors between two hard disks on raspberry pi 4

I have a Raspberry PI 4 (4GB) with raspbian OS lite installed. I am trying to copy data from one hard disk to another and every time the transfer fails after copying few files and the drives are ...
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Powering 3 HDD's with external power

I'm trying to connect 3 HDD's to my Pi3. They are 2x 3.5" and 1x 2.5", all powered with a external power supply: It works if I ...
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Injecting Power through the USB port [closed]

I have 2 USB hard drives that combined take too much power to run through the pi USB port. I have several 5V sources laying around that provide plenty of current for all of the hard drives and ...
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Is there any advantage powering up a RPi 4B with a PSU rated for 8A @ 5V?

I have a Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB RAM variant that will be running 24/7 with the following attachments: an ethernet cable leading to a router for internet connectivity a 2.5" external HDD attached ...
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External SSD not properly detected if connected before boot

I have 2 Samsung 870 EVOs with USB bridges that I'd like to connect to RPi4. It seems to work fine when I connect them after the RPi4 has already booted and I can see them properly using lsblk. ...
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Total USB current output is 1.2A, if I power a device from the 5V GPIO port, does this decrease the USB output?

I'm trying to connect 2x 2.5" external HD using a USB to SATA converted. I found out the maximum current the Pi can provide is 1.2A for all usb ports, however I need 2A I'm wondering if I can use ...
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