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Beyond breadboards? Good ways to package simple GPIO-using project?

I have a couple of simple projects that use a handful of GPIO pins, a few resistors, and some sensors and LEDs. What's a good way to package up stuff like that? Is there a premade solderable HAT-like ...
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Multiple Hat and GPIO

I need, for a project, to connect on the same RPi (a 3B+) a NFC lector, the Sense Hat and also be able to use 26 GPIO port for additionnal LED and button. The project is a kind of a physical "Keep ...
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How to physically wire two I2C sensors' SCL/SDA signals to a single I2C bus?

I need to connect two sensors like this to rpi 3 b. I found that it is not a problem and ...
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Ribbon Cable for bridging the headers of Raspberry pi and Custom hats

Hello I am in need of a ribbon cable for my custom pi hats. The problem with ordinary ribbon cables such as this I could not make it to align the rows of the pins will get swapped because of the ...
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Is there an easy way to share the power and I2C GPIO pins between multiple sensors without soldering?

I'm trying to connect multiple sensors to the Power and I2C pins of the GPIO header of a Pi 3B, but I can't find an easy way to do it using the standard plug-in jumper cables that are often used for ...
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How to turn off RX and TX pins

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with Buster and on top of it a 4G HAT. This HAT allows communicating via RX and TX pins. I want to communicate with this HAT via RX and TX pins but with an Arduino Nano. It ...
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How to power devices when all GPIO pins are in use

I have a number of RPi 4 boards that I'm clustering together in a single case. To consolidate power to a single wall outlet, I have them all connected together via a dedicated switch with PoE at each ...
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GPIO ribbon cable with multiple connectors

I need to connect multiple extension boards to single Pi3B+. I have checked that they will not be using the same GPIO signals. I am thinking of using a single ribbon cable with one female (for the Pi) ...
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How to get covered GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi 3 B+

I'm new to the rpi. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ that has 40 GPIO pins. I also have a HAT and a PIR motion sensor. The problem is, the HAT covers all 40 GPIO pins, and the motion sensor requires 3. ...
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Pi 3 B+, 7" official touch screen and a Sense Hat query

New here, but wanted to ask about the above. My Pi 3 B+ is connected to an official &" Touchscreen display, which uses a double adaptor to provide power to the Pi and scren. This work fine. ...
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It is possible to stack two different Add-Ons in Raspberry Pi 3?

I need to create a project that has GPRS/GSM and GPS, but there are no products with both functionalities. I found some Add-Ons that may work but I'm not sure if there is any way to stack both. I know ...
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Process to select and stack a relay HAT and a touch-display HAT

The goal is to design thermostat system via stacking Raspberry pi HATs: Raspberry pi (3B+ or 4) 4-channel relay TFT Touch Display It would be preferable that community experience point out any ...
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Use GND as GPIO?

I've found a 5v relay board which is twice cheaper in comparaison with a board with 40 pin stacking header. I can wire the Pi to the relay board using jumper cables but it look like messy. My wish ...
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Stacking up multiple grove base HATs on Raspberry Pi

I want to stack multiple Grove base HATs on a single Raspberry Pi. This is the HAT i am using My application needs to interface 24 analog ...
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Can I use the Sixfab 3G-4G/LTE Base HAT while also using this I2C Shield with my raspberry pi 4?

I am trying to create a remote weather station but have a problem, apparently I need a HAT that will cover my GPIO pins as well as a I2C shield to connect to my weather monitoring hardware. ...
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