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How Raspberry Pi booting up? [duplicate]

I want to know, how Raspberry Pi booting up. Of course, I can google it, but I can`t found this information in official documentation [ ]. I am searching for ...
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What happens during the boot process?

What happens during the boot process after the Raspberry PI is turned on? I know that it differs from the standard Linux boot process ( no complex boot manager like Lilo/Grub ), I also know that the ...
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How does the pi know which kernel to load?

In the boot partition there are two kernels, kernel.img and kernel7.img (for the pi 1 vs 2/3). How does the system know which to load?
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Why does the Raspberry Pi's GPU control the first stages of the boot process?

According to the answers to this question and other sources, the GPU of the Raspberry Pi's BCM2835 SoC is responsible for the first stages of the boot process, including enabling the ARM CPU. Until ...
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Self healing SD Card partitions

Many sd cards are rather fragile. I've had a pi for about 2 years now and the main failures were due to the sd card getting corrupted for a reason or another. I'm wondering if there is some ...
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How to know if Raspi is bricked

I have a Model B Raspi and - shame on me - overpowered it with about 9V. And to make it worse I powered it using the test points TP1 and TP2, avoiding the polyfuse. See Raspberry Pi Model B Schematics....
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Raspberry Pi 3: microSD card vs hard drive

In my bachelor's thesis I compared the speed performance of a hard drive connected via USB adapter with a microSD card. I was challenged to answer the question "Why is the difference in speed drives ...
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Why can't the kernel7.img be replaced with a kernel from Fedora's arm builds?

I was able to get fedora running using a kernel from a raspian image (as proposed here). But when I replace the kernel7.img with the vmlinuz-4.2.3-300.fc23.armv7hl from a Fedora-Minimal(armhfp) the ...
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Switch Between Displays/Raspbian - RetroPie Dual Boot

I am thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi 3b. I've never owned or operated one. I am pretty good with computers but I've never used Linux. If I do get one, I want it to run a dual boot with Raspbian ...
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Creating an OS for the raspberry pi in rust, booting from it

I was following this tutorial on how to make your own basic OS for an x86_64 system in rust, but wanted to do it for an ARM64 target, specifically, the raspberry pi 4. I am at the point where I have ...
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