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How many serial ports are on the Pi 3?

How many serial ports are on the Pi 3? There is one on the GPIO pin that goes to ttyS0. Is there a separate one for USB? I have read somewhere about /dev/ttyUSB0. Is that a separate serial port? ...
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What is the default cmdline.txt for Raspberry Pi 4

I need to know the default contents of the cmdline.txt file for a Raspberry Pi 4. I was following an old tutorial about setting up a gps module. The tutorial had me change the contents cmdline.txt. ...
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How to get accurate compass?

I'm building a project based on raspberry pi that relies on fairly accurate compass to be viable. Essentially, if I could know where's North with about 10° of error, I'd be quite happy. I've bought ...
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Connecting to a u-blox7 USB GPS sensor

I am trying to connect to a U-Blox7 USB GPS sensor, following the steps outlined here. The device is detected, but not receiving GPS data. I am not not in a shielded area. Checking that the device is ...
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pico pi rtc interrupt

I want to send an interrupt to the pico to wake it up every second to tick a battery-powered clock. I have an external RTC, the ds3231. I have gotten just about every other feature on the rtc to work ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B FTDI USB to Serial converter driver problem

I've been suffering to introduce my USB to Serial (RS232) FTDI converter on Raspbian 10 on my Raspberry pi 3 Model B. In Windows 10 it works without installing an additional driver. FTDI drivers ...
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Rpi3B+ Python Controlling Multiple SIM800 / SIM900 / SIM7600 Modules

My goal is to control at least 3 SIM800c hats using just one RPi but I'm not quite sure it will work. How will Rpi reference each hat? Can each hat make a call of their own? For reference: How to ...
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Way to get signal strength from an RFID reader?

I am attempting to make a grid of RFID readers that can triangulate the position of a tag within their read range. I am currently using MFRC522 readers connected to a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (4gb) and ...
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How come Rpi GPSD can read GPS data using USB to serial cable, but not using Rpi serial pins TxD, RxD?

I've been trying to setup an RPi0 with a GPS module. This is the GPS antenna I'm using This is the GPS module I'm using to connect to the Pi I've tried the module with USB on my desktop (Windows 10) ...
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Rpi Thonny python IDE has a problem running Pynmea2 GPS program. How to fix it?

I can't run this gps program in Thonny IDE. How come I can only run this gps program when I run it in the terminal without sudo? Is there a way to fix this? EDIT: The part without the print(gps) and ...
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Is joining NEO6MV2 module and RC 522 module together to Raspberry Pi possible?

I am new to this but from my initial project requirements, I will need to join GPS Module and RFID Module to a Raspberry Pi 4. Do the GPIO pins support the required output? Is there any guide on how ...
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I have a HAT from Waveshare which i am using only for GPS. The GPS output from minicom looks like this, it was in use for more than 4 hours straight, but nothing changed. How do I troubleshoot this? ...
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