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Raspberry Pi Power Limitations

There are very many, often contradictory, claims about the power requirements and limitations of the Pi. What are the exact requirements?
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How to program active cooling connected to GPIO

I have Raspberry Pi 3b+ with the case, which has a small 5v fan, which is connected to GPIO. Look to picture below: The Fan runs continuously, but I don't want continuous operation. I want the fan to ...
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What are the max current rating for 3.3v and 5v rail of the Rpi 4B

Does anybody know the max current rating of the 3.3v and 5 v rail of the new raspberry pi 4? i could not seem to find anybody benchmark this, i have read from someone that the new RPI 4 has a new ...
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Using single 5V relay (jqc-3ff-s-z) - safety advice required

Above is relay I'm using and everything works as expected using diagram below. I will add 1n4148 diode on IN line for safety and will connect VCC to power supply before Pi. Can I use ground (GND) ...
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Can you use a 5V Relay Module with the Pi?

Can you use a 5V Relay Module or similar with the Pi?
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Raspberry Pi Relay Protection [closed]

I took a picture of my mock setup to give a better idea of what I'm working with. Basically, I'm will be using relays connected to my Raspberry Pi that I intend to use to control a series of lights (...
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Powering RPi 4 Model B with 5v 3A Car Power Supply Module

I would like to use a buck converter between a 12V DC power supply and my RPi4, and found this car power supply to be appealing. It claims to step down from 12V to 5V 3A, which is almost the same as ...
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Reliable 5v relay

I have been using raspberry pi for my home automation project. To control 12v power, I use 5v relay low triggering to turn on or off the power. My coding and connection work fine. Problem is ...
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5V relay (jqc-3ff-s-z)

Is it possible to use an external adapter for the 5V, so connecting the + from the adapter to VCC of the relay and the - of the adapter to GND of the relay. Then IN to GPIO27. Setting this low will ...
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4 relay board weird behavior

i'm new to this platform, I hope I'm doing everything right. I bought a 4 relay board some time ago to use it with my pi. When I tested it with the pi, it worked well. After a while I decided to use ...
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Problems with the rpi zero and relay [closed]

I Have a problem... (above the relay-coil Datasheet) I want to control a single relay with my pi zero, but it seems that it doesn't have enough power. the 3.3V pin of the rpi (measured to 3.19V) works ...
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