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Lightweight OS for original Raspberry Pi Model B?

I bought the original Raspberry Pi model B (512 MB memory with 26-pin connector) many many years ago. I have just loaded up the latest Raspberry Pi OS and found that it is way too slow. I mean when I ...
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libEGL warning: DRI2 failed to authenticate

I am running Bullseye on an RPi 3. In attempting to run a GNURadio application I get the subject error. During my investigation I have found several references to this issue on this and other forums. ...
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Default password not working with SSH

I've just done a fresh install on Raspberry Pi Zero W. I wish to run headerless (I don't have a micro USB keyboard or adapter, nor a mini HDMI cable). I've done this numerous times on the "full ...
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RPi 4 HDMI sound problem. HDMI 0 is not displayed

Hello dear RPi friends, an HDMI cable is connected to an audio extractor at HDMI 0 (near USB-C) to tap off the audio signal for further output. No video signal is used by the audio extractor. /boot/...
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How to get a Pi4 to Boot into lxde-pi Desktop Environment?

This on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1, running Buster originally installed as a Stage 4 - Normal Raspbian image. This Pi is headless. RealVNC is enabled via raspi-...
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xrdp and vnc problem on aarch64 bullseye

At first, there are something wrong of my xrdp, just as XRDP on ARM64 bullseye issue shows. I tried Bram's method, and I can use 'windows remote desktop connect' properly. However, I find that I can't ...
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X server unable to launch using vc4-kms-v3d GL driver on a 8gb Pi4b+

I've been encountering some tearing issues in kodi and so chose to switch to the vc4-kms-v3d driver in my boot config. The performance in now significantly improved, however I also occasionally need ...
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Parameter order in config.txt - Can't change screen resolution

Does the order of the parameter in the config.txt matter? For example if hdmi_cvt=800 400 60 6 0 0 0 specified before the parameters (hdmi_group=2 & hdmi_mode=87) that specify that a custom ...
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RPI desktop windows do not stretch over full resolution

I have a strange problem, cannot get a start menu to touch the bottom taskbar (on upside taskbar it is touching...) Somehow RPI OS thinks the taskbar is higher than it is in reality. It is also ...
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Suitable Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi B+

What would a suitable OS (Linux distribution) be for an old Raspberry Pi B+ (2012, 512 MB RAM)? The latest official OS comes with Chromium which doesn't work. It is also very slow. It will be running ...
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