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Using my Raspberry Pi without HDMI TV [closed]

I am trying to connect my Raspberry Pi. Since I don't have an HDMI TV, I just have a laptop with anolog OUTPUT. This is what I bought: Raspberry Pi 2 - MODB - 1GB - Quad core
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Pulled out sd card while doing silent install

So, I was doing an installation of Raspbian without a monitor or keyboard, as outlined here and I was at the stage where you insert the sd card with some changed configuration files and wait for it to ...
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Boot messages available over serial, however no login prompt :/

I've connected to the Raspberry Pi using a serial programmer for my Arduino. I've connected using screen and when I boot my Raspberry Pi it spits out all the normal kernel boot messages. However, at ...
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Is there a way to do a slient install on a raspberry pi, but to also include setup information while installing?

First of all, I know how to setup a slient install given a list of instructions provided in another question: (Installing Raspbian from NOOBS without display) However, I need this thing to setup its ...
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Headless installation: able to ping, unable to ssh (locally); [duplicate]

All, I'm new to the RPI and have spent a couple of hours trying to do a headless install using NOOBS v1.4.0 on a RPI 2 (model B). Note that I need to perform a headless install because I only own a ...
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I couldn't see cmdline.txt in my mac [duplicate]

I am following this article to install raspberrypi without monitor. I loaded the card but couldn't see cmdline.txt. What am missing here ?

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