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Headless installation: able to ping, unable to ssh (locally); [duplicate]

All, I'm new to the RPI and have spent a couple of hours trying to do a headless install using NOOBS v1.4.0 on a RPI 2 (model B). Note that I need to perform a headless install because I only own a ...
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Prepare for ssh without a screen

I have a Raspberry Pi model B at home, but I do not have a screen. My plan is to connect it to the Ethernet and then ssh into it. But this means that the SD card with the operating system (Debian ...
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Do You HAVE To Use SDFormatter Before Installing NOOBS?

SDFormatter is often recommended to format the SDCard. I have never heard of this software ...
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My password doesn't work over ssh

I am trying a headless install and using NOOBS v1.4.2 . I followed the instructions on this thread: Installing Raspbian from Noobs without display and changed the password on \os\Raspbian\os.json ...
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Enable SSH in NOOBS before install

In the last release (2.1) of NOOBS the developers have "disabled by default" SSH, so it's not possible anymore to connect to a Raspbian via SSH, which is installed via NOOBS, without enabling SSH ...
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Installing Raspbian from NOOBS without display V2.1 and beyond

So it appears there have been significant changes to the "New Out Of the Box Software" (NOOBS) system with version 2.1 and beyond. According to the release notes included with the package: 2016-11-...
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Is it possible to interact with the NOOBS install remotely (VNC, SSH or other)?

I copied the NOOBS files to a FAT32 microSD Card. There is no monitor or keyboard installed on the Raspberry Pi all I have is power and a network cable. I've put the NOOBS microSD Card in and powered ...
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Connecting a Raspberry Pi 3 to an iMac

I just got my first Raspberry Pi and I was wondering how I can use an iMac as a display for NOOBS. I tried connecting an HDMI cable to the Raspberry Pi and connecting the other side to a Mini Display ...
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Noobs Lite - automatically install Raspbian

I'd like to build a Raspbian setup process, where the user needs to do as less as possible. That's why I'd like to use Noobs Lite but to start the setup it's still necessary to have a display and ...
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Boot messages available over serial, however no login prompt :/

I've connected to the Raspberry Pi using a serial programmer for my Arduino. I've connected using screen and when I boot my Raspberry Pi it spits out all the normal kernel boot messages. However, at ...
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Using my Raspberry Pi without HDMI TV [closed]

I am trying to connect my Raspberry Pi. Since I don't have an HDMI TV, I just have a laptop with anolog OUTPUT. This is what I bought: Raspberry Pi 2 - MODB - 1GB - Quad core
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Installing new OS over ssh

I currently have OpenELEC insalled on my PI and I want to install retropie instead. I do not have a micro sd adapter or reader on my computer. Is it possible for me to install the new operating system ...
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Setting up Raspberry Pi 3 using Mac Laptop

I bought a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit with NOOBS already installed on the Micro SD Card. Now I have my microUSD plugged into the Pi and the HDMI connected from Pi to Mac, which doesn't do anything since ...
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recovery console - worked once only

Im attempting to setup an rpi via the recovery console ("headless mode") via Mac. I installed the serial port drivers, plugged in the cable (per instructions) and started a session via ...
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Noobs: Offline intallation without monitor and disabling network mirrors

I'm planning to install either Arch or Raspbian on my rp using Noobs(with offline installation option). I have no HDMI monitor, so I will do it using ssh in "silent install mode" as described in this ...
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