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Using UART from USB C

So basically my Alienware R4 17" 2017 model has USB C ports. I think USB C ports are a standard and operate at 20 volts, 5 amps, and 100 watts for power and charging. I have a Pi 3 and Pie 3 Model B+....
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Raspberry pi power cable is unstable

The slightest bump, or knock to the micro power connection and my pi reboots. Anyone have this have problem? I wouldn't feel secure releasing a product that is so delicate.
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Vibration-induced power loss problem

I am a pilot using a Pi 3 as an ADS-B receiver for a gyroplane. It works really well provided I don't try to have the Pi mounted to the aircraft anywhere. As soon as I do, the vibration seems to cause ...
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powering raspberry pi B+ through the USB port

I am enclosing my raspberry pi B+ into a camera case due to which the micro USB power plug on the pi is not accessible, I was thinking of powering it through the normal USB port.
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Powering the Pi through GPIO

I have seen many tutorials about powering the Pi through the GPIO. My question is why do people do it? By powering the Pi through the GPIO, you lose protection from surges in current and voltage, so ...
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Is It Safe To Connect A 16 Port Servo Driver's External Power Supply To My Raspberry Pi? (Will It Cause A Brownout?)

I have an adafruit 16 port servo driver. In the directions on their webpage, they explain how to wire it, as well as connect an external power supply. They mention not to plug the power directly into ...
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