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Raspberry pi power cable is unstable

The slightest bump, or knock to the micro power connection and my pi reboots. Anyone have this have problem? I wouldn't feel secure releasing a product that is so delicate.
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Switching power source from power bank to mains without interrupt

I'm planning to build a robot similar to one described here. The pi and the controller are going to be powered from powerbank. However, as big fan of live coding I am (there's gonna be some LISP ...
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What GPIO pins are required to Power RPi? [duplicate]

We are using Raspberry Pi Model B: We used USB connector from PC - confirmed output - 5V, with 2 leads: Connected +5V to Pin 2 Connected GND to Pin 6 on connector - Inserted Ethernet cable ...
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Keyboard not working with HDMI

I am trying to connect keyboard on my raspberry pi alongwith hdmi. But when i connect keyboard to the rpi, hdmi stops working and vice versa. But they both are working alone but not together. Any ...
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Problem with grounding

I have a little problem with grounding. I realized a circuit which is controlled by the GPIO-Pins of the Raspberry. The function of my circuit is irrelevant. You just have to know that I need the 3....
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Can I connect a 16x2 LCD screen to the 5V GPIO?

From what I've seen of articles and videos online, everyone seems to be using the 3.3V GPIO pin. I have an LCD screen which requires a 5V power supply and I wondered whether it would be safe to use ...
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