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Can I connect a 16x2 LCD screen to the 5V GPIO?

From what I've seen of articles and videos online, everyone seems to be using the 3.3V GPIO pin. I have an LCD screen which requires a 5V power supply and I wondered whether it would be safe to use ...
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Powering Raspberry Pi 3 from another Raspberry Pi 3

Is it possible to power a Raspberry Pi 3 directly from another Raspberry Pi 3 that is powered from a Micro USB socket. I understand there is a 5v rail and I am thinking that linking the 5v rails ...
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Safe to power Raspberry Pi 3 with 5.25 v out of BEC?

So I'm using a Lipo to power my Pi 3 and to be safe, I installed a 5v 3A UBEC. Upon checking the voltage output, I saw the BEC was only stepping the voltage down to around 5.25v, rather than 5v. I ...
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Does it matter which pins are used when powering the Pi from the header?

If you didn't already know, you can power the Pi from the GPIO pins. By supplying pin 2 with 5v and connecting a ground to pin 6, you can power the Pi. My question; does it matter which pins are used? ...
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Help on powering 3.3V fans

I'm not 100% sure if this is the right form to post in, and I'm not the best writer... so please let me know if I make no sense. So I'm doing a little project and was wondering on how I could power ...
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Supply 3.3V via GPIO header (Pi3)

I need to power a Raspberry Pi 3 via its GPIO header: I have a beefy regulated PSU capable of providing stable 4.98V, which I planned to route to the 5V pins of the Raspberry as stated in this answer: ...
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Vibration-induced power loss problem

I am a pilot using a Pi 3 as an ADS-B receiver for a gyroplane. It works really well provided I don't try to have the Pi mounted to the aircraft anywhere. As soon as I do, the vibration seems to cause ...
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Switching power source from power bank to mains without interrupt

I'm planning to build a robot similar to one described here. The pi and the controller are going to be powered from powerbank. However, as big fan of live coding I am (there's gonna be some LISP ...
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Keyboard not working with HDMI

I am trying to connect keyboard on my raspberry pi alongwith hdmi. But when i connect keyboard to the rpi, hdmi stops working and vice versa. But they both are working alone but not together. Any ...
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Using UART from USB C

So basically my Alienware R4 17" 2017 model has USB C ports. I think USB C ports are a standard and operate at 20 volts, 5 amps, and 100 watts for power and charging. I have a Pi 3 and Pie 3 Model B+....
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Is it possible to have 5V output from a GPIO pin? [duplicate]

I want to make a small rc car using the raspberry pi. I tested the 3.3V and 5V output for the motor and of course I'd really prefer the 5V output, it is much faster. From what I read, the GPIO pins ...
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SSH the Pi from computer with a USB cable only

I remember that when starting with Pi a few years ago (see this 2.5 year old question), it was impossible to SSH the Pi (without screen / keyboard / mouse) from computer with a USB cable only. One had ...
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powering raspberry pi B+ through the USB port

I am enclosing my raspberry pi B+ into a camera case due to which the micro USB power plug on the pi is not accessible, I was thinking of powering it through the normal USB port.
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Is It Safe To Connect A 16 Port Servo Driver's External Power Supply To My Raspberry Pi? (Will It Cause A Brownout?)

I have an adafruit 16 port servo driver. In the directions on their webpage, they explain how to wire it, as well as connect an external power supply. They mention not to plug the power directly into ...
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Problem with grounding

I have a little problem with grounding. I realized a circuit which is controlled by the GPIO-Pins of the Raspberry. The function of my circuit is irrelevant. You just have to know that I need the 3....
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