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How long does a pi last with an 8 gb sd card? [duplicate]

I'm new to using raspberry pis, but I do know that sd cards don't last forever. I am planning to have my pi on 24/7. The problem is, I don't know how long I can expect the sd card to last. I have a pi ...
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Is the Raspberry Pi suitable for running continuously, 24/7?

I would like to run a headless machine to perform some basic automation and statistical generation (e.g. generating netstats, uploading to, as well as any other trivial batch jobs that ...
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How to set up swap space?

Raspberry Pi has only 256 MB of RAM, so I would like to use swap space (either on SD card or attached USB storage). How do I set it up?
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Boot from USB hard disk?

Is there a way to boot from an external hard drive connected to the device through the USB port (as opposed to booting from the SD card)?
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Raspberry Pi as an Email Server

I just got my Pi today, and of course I can't even use it because I got the wrong HDMI to DVI converter but that's besides the point and question. My question is the following: I have decided to ...
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How can I reduce the writing to log files

A common worry of Raspberry Pi users is the wearing out and destruction of their SD card (which have limited write cycles) by too many writes. The experience reported by users supports this assumption....
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Maximum, demonstrated SD card durability

UPDATE: I was able to solve this problem years ago, but for anyone reading this in the future, the durability problems turned out to be related to flaky power supplies. --- Original question --- I'm ...
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How do I create and mount a partition using the remainder of my SD card?

I have seen instructions for resizing the partition here, but how do I create a whole new partition using the remaining space, and then mount it?
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How can I use a USB HDD to extend the life of my SD Card?

How can I set up a USB HDD to extend the life of my SD Card and maximize the performance of my Raspberry Pi? Related: How can I extend the life of my SD card?
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Which (currently) compatible SD Cards have wear levelling?

This question asks Which SD cards are compatible? This answer describes the advantages of getting an SD card with wear levelling to extend the life of the card. How can I find out which of the ...
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Raspi won't start apache2 after I power cycled

Serious Raspi n00b here (I come from a Microsoft background) Had apache2 running with no issues. Unplugged the Raspi because I wanted to set up a powered usb hub for an external hdd. Got everything ...
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After I remove swapfile, I can't do anything! How can I revert this problem?

How can I extend the life of my SD card? I run 2 commands in sudo su mode, and restart my pi. What I run: # swapoff --all # apt-get remove dphys-swapfile # reboot After that, I notice that I can't ...
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Is it a bad idea to do distributed computing?

Like many users, my RPi will be used as a low-consumption micro server and will be powered continuously. All the computing time is not used and could help distributed computing projects like Folding@...
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raspberry pi web server using USB HDD

I have to create an Apache tomcat web-server on a Raspberry Pi. However, I want to install Apache tomcat, java, mysql on an external hard disk and run them from there. How can do this? Also, which ...
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How can I use my Raspberry Pi 4 for a write intensive application?

Context I have just found out the hard way that SD cards have a real life attainable write limit. I use my Rasbperry Pi 4 (amongst other things) to scrape a website 24/7 with a frequency of 1 minute, ...
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