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Getting the latest version of R on the Raspberry Pi

I have a Raspi that runs Debian Jessie (downloaded from the official Raspberry Download Website (Version 2015-11-21)). For one of my projects I want to use the software r and some of the very useful ...
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How to install emacs24.4 on a Raspberry Pi Model B+?

I want the latest version of emacs to run on my raspberry pi.The raspberry pi runs raspbian and it seems that the repository only has version 23.4.1 which I can not use for it breaks the packages I ...
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Where do I find the linux headers for an image?

I started with Raspbian 3.18.5 (Wheezy?) and did an rpi update and ended up with 4.1.10 (Jessie?). When I did a sudo apt-get install linux-headers the following packages were available: linux-...
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Raspbian - unable to locate package mysql-server-5.6 after adding repo

I'm trying to install MySQL 5.6 in Raspbian 7 (wheezy). I've added the repo: wget sudo dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_0.3.7-1debian7_all....
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Why APT can't locate GNURADIO package even though it apparently exists in repository?

I have been trying to install the GNURADIO package that is listed on the raspbian mirror: I've added the repo to my sources.list as below: ...
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Can't install rpi-chromium-mods from pixel upgrade

I have a Pi 2 that has been kept current with the latest Raspian. I am trying to install the Pixel update that was posted on the Raspberry Pi blog this morning. Here are the commands: sudo apt-get ...
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Install (or build) experimental Debian package for rpi (NetworkManager 1.0)

So I need NetworkManager 1.0 on my Rpi to be able to setup new wifi connections via nmcli. There is a package in experimental debian repo: I made $ sudo ...
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Is it possible to install Qt5 on Ubuntu MATE or Raspbian with Raspberry pi 2?

First of all, I'm not sure if I should be asking this here, or on stackoverflow. But, here will be my first shot, if it's not the right place, just tell me and I'll move the question elsewhere. Ok, ...
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Cannot install code blocks on Raspbian

I can't install code block: sources.list got like this: deb wheezy main contrib non-free r$ # Uncomment line below then 'apt-get update' to enable 'apt-...
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Networking issue after update to Jessie

After updating from raspbian wheezy to raspbian jessie networking isn't working properly anymore. Folllowing lines seem to describe the error: ifplugd(eth0)[184]: Using interface eth0/B8:27:EB:0E:CD:...
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The following packages have been kept back: mopidy

After performing sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade, I got the message The following packages have been kept back: mopidy What I usually do in this case, is sudo apt-get install ...
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Update MATE Desktop Environment on Raspbian

How can I update MATE with the version on this I want to update the MATE 1.6 version on the above version to the latest MATE 1.8. Do I have to reinstall it, or ...
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Which web-browser in Raspbian works best with GitHub?

Is there a web-browser for Raspbian that works with the GUI at One should be able to create a repository with a license and create and edit files using the web GUI. I've tested ...
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Install latest version of a package

I wanted to install Vim on my Raspberry Pi 2, but the repository only has v7.3 instead of the latest 7.4. There is some functionality missing in the old I need. I've found that you can download the ....
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how can I install php5-readline in Raspbian?

how can I install php5-readline in raspbian? its not in the repos. And not in the debian repos with Wheezy arm support. Update: November 2015 I abandoned Raspbian and moved to Pidora, which seems ...
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