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How to resize partition of a micro SD card. 32GB to 8GB card [duplicate]

I am currently using a 32GB micro SD card for testing. Now I want to save the image however, there is a lot of unused space. I was hoping how can I reformat the image to fit nicely into a single ...
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Is it possible to shrink the root partition? [duplicate]

Extracted from the instructions from the original docs for installing Ubuntu on RaspBerry Pi 2: There are no Raspbian-specific utilities included, specifically no automatic root resizer. However, ...
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Shrinking image file I cant open [duplicate]

I have a certain custom Raspbian image downloaded from the internet for a project which I need to use. The file is a little less than 32 GB and I am having issues getting a card which can fit that ...
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Backup the system image, and restore with different size of SD card [duplicate]

I know how to backup system image, but what if I want to restore the image to a different size of SD card that does not match the one I backup from? Generally 2 cases: 1. The source SD card is 16G, ...
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Possible to reduce SD image after it's been expanded to fit SD card? [duplicate]

I installed Raspbian Jessie Light on a 16 GB card and then used raspi-config to expand the filesystem to fit the whole card. Is it possible to go back? That is, create a new image with smaller ...
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Can a Raspberry Pi be used to create a backup of itself?

This question answers the question of how I use an external computer to create a backup of my RPi. I'm wondering whether I can create a backup image of the SD card that is currently in use, and ...
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How can I mount a Raspberry Pi Linux distro image?

Normal filesystem images can be easily mounted: mount system.img /mnt Examined, and modified. But when I try this with a Raspberry Pi system image (e.g. raspbian), I get: mount: unknown filesystem ...
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Copy existing Raspbian installation to smaller SD card

Is it possible to copy an existing and configured Raspbian installation to a smaller SD card? When I first installed Raspbian I only had a 32 GB card at hand which obviously is bigger than needed.
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Temporarily disable expand filesystem during first boot

I'd like to build an in-house Raspberry Pi image based on Raspbian Lite which is already configured with the correct locale, timezone, etc. Unfortunately for me, current releases of Raspbian images ...
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Why is it necessary to "expand the file system"?

I'm new to RPi and and confused about why a step to "expand the file system" is frequently listed as part of the standard instructions for setting up a RPi (using a downloaded OS image). Why is it ...
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SD card cloning: 32GB to 16GB SD card?

I have configured by raspberry pi as a wifi access point using a 32GB SD card, and installed postgres. I would like to clone the SD card (from my mac) to smaller size SD cards (like 16GB, or ...
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Use SD Card Copier to create backup to USB, then copy back to SD card?

I'm trying to make a backup of my raspberry pi (raspbian) so I can come back to this backup just in case something bad happens. The problem is that I only have 1 SD card. I know that you can use SD ...
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Truncating SD card image

I backed up my Raspbian install with dd: dd id=/dev/sdb of=/home/user/raspbian-backup.img That gives me a img of the whole card (16GB). Then I followed a tutorial to resize the image and used: ...
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How do I create a custom OS image to be installed on several Raspberry Pi?

I am trying to make a Raspberry Pi image for my Boss that would be used in multiple pis. The Image would have a piece of custom software and configuration. My first idea was to take an Image of an SD ...
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How to restore SD card backup?

I have had a failure in my SD card, but fortunately, I made a backup. However, I have no idea how to do the restore procedure. My backup was created with the script, and produces four ...
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