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How to clone Raspberry Pi SD Card on Windows, Linux, and macOS? [duplicate]

I want to make a back up of my raspberry pi because I have done a lot of work and repeating the process would take a lot of time. How does one go about making an image of a Raspberry Pi SD card for ...
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Backup Image of SD Card [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I backup my Raspberry Pi? While messing around with my RPi it likely that I'm going to want to revert to a previous position (but not revertingall the way back to the ...
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How to create regular backups of my PIs [duplicate]

I have three Pis running in my local net and backup them on a regular base. I just detected threads where people asked how to create a backup just in case something went wrong. I tried to answer in ...
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How do I make a backup with DD? [duplicate]

I installed Arch-Linux-ARM on a 128GB SD-card for my Raspberry Pi. Now I want to make a backup. There is less than 1.5GB of data on the SD card and if I want to make an image with DD, DD wants to read ...
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copy rpi sd card on wins 10 (format problem) [duplicate]

how do I copy my rpi sd card using Windows10. I need to make a snap shot system disk backup prior to further development. I want to have an exact system copy NOT a backup of files etc. With a system ...
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How can I resize my / (root) partition?

Even though my SD card is 16GB, the image I flashed onto it was only 2GB and now I can only see 2GB of storage space on the disk. How can I resize the image so that I have more space on my root ...
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Can a Raspberry Pi be used to create a backup of itself?

This question answers the question of how I use an external computer to create a backup of my RPi. I'm wondering whether I can create a backup image of the SD card that is currently in use, and ...
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Writing .img file to SD Card from a Mac

I want to burn a .img file of Wheezy OS to my 8GB SD Card from Mac OS X but can't figure out how. Any help would be appreciated.
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Copy existing Raspbian installation to smaller SD card

Is it possible to copy an existing and configured Raspbian installation to a smaller SD card? When I first installed Raspbian I only had a 32 GB card at hand which obviously is bigger than needed.
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How can I copy the same image to many SDs?

So finally I can place that bulk order for Raspberry Pis! However, configuring them is going to be a chore. What I'd like to do is: Download a stock image, and tinker with it on a single Pi Save/...
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How to make an image (.img) from what's on the SD card (but as compact as the original one)?

I tried: sudo dd bs=4k if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/media/1BAB47551C66A42B/raspbian_migs2.gz It creates an .img file with 7.6 GB (card size, BUT what's on the card has 700 MB). And: sudo dd bs=4k ...
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Can I backup my SD card with Disk Utility on OSX?

I see a lot of backup instructions like this: How do I backup my Raspberry Pi? ...involving the command line in OSX. But can't I just use the OSX "Disk Utility" to create a "New Image" from the ...
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I accidently deleted my taskbar - how do I get it back?

Abandoned post by Unregistered user. I recently was messing around with my Pi when I accidentally deleted the taskbar. I cannot figure out how to bring it back. I was on the desktop when I ...
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How do I transfer my setup between SD cards?

I started out with a 2GB SD card, but I'm finding this a bit cosy, so I've bought a 16GB card to replace it. With a single Pi, can I transfer all my work between the cards, or do I need to start from ...
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How do I set up ssh keys to log into my RPi

Using ssh keys to log into your RPi is much more convenient than typing the password everytime. It's especially handy if you want to log in from automated scripts or use programs such as scp or rsync ...
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